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But not w/o saying this to anyone who still reads. What GG did to me in my last post was uncalled for. It only speaks to her character, NOT to mine. Some of the things she said, I could, if I were a lesser person take as Defamation of Character. But, she's not worth it.
Let her pontificate and throw her catch phrases around. I know who and what she is.
A person who purports to be a friend, but when confronted with something they don't like/understand, lashes out, and tries to make themselves look like the better person.
For any of you here who still want to talk to me,

IM- One4saul
Other e mail abghostwriter@gmail.com

And to whomever has been coming to my blog excessively, and not saying anything, why don't you comment? I don't bite.
Peace out. 4 real this time.
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It's painfully obvious no one cares. Things have gone from bad to worse for, me and I'm wondering what the point is, period. Usually I can snap myself out of it, now, pills don't even help.
So bye, all. If anyone is remotely interested, I have a blog now. Feel free to read, or comment.
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I'm not doing well, guys. I feel so trapped where I am, and it doesn't help that the ex will not leave me alone, and yesterday, posted a bunch of personal stuff about me(without mentioning my name) on line. I'm not really eating(forcing myself to) I may have to get a TRO, I'm so lonely. I'm writing like a fiend, and pining for things I will never have.

I don't know if I'll come out of this. I've never felt so betrayed and lost in my life. I wish I had a place to hide for a long, long time.

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Which, of course is a shameless rip-off of "What can Brown do for you?" But anyway, I'm exhausted and broken hearted, so this will be short. Broken hearted because Mark and I are done, professionally, and any other way. No details, it just didn't work. Please don't ask.

Enough maudlinity. If my friend T will excuse me for using her concept, this is the story of a gift.
A gift my adopted and wonderful younger sister, Lisa, found for me to give AB when we went to see him. It was a coaster, with a picture of a old manual typewriter on it(for those of you who don't know, Alton writes all his scripts for GE, himself, on a manual typewriter). Also on the coaster was a little saying about the Alchemy of Writing. The minute Lisa showed it to me, I knew that was what I wanted to give him.

We arrived at Calvary Church where the even was held, an hour early, and just sat around talking to other fans. I was nervous as hell, and kept saying to Lisa, 'don't disappear, I may faint."
At six, those of us with meet and greet tickets (only about 35-40 of us!)were ushered into a small conference room where we sat down. Of course, I turned my chair to face the hallway, and a few minutes later, there he was.
Lisa and I got up to get on line to get our stuff signed, and finally it was my turn. He shook my hand, "Hi, I'm Alton", as always, and I told him we'd met last October:
Him: Where
Me: Barnes and Noble
Him Where?
Me: In NYC
Him: Which one?
Me: Union Square
By the third Q&A, we were both grinning, and I felt much more relaxed.
Then I got to thank him for redeeming that day, and he smiled, and said, "Well, I hope I don't RUIN tonight for you!" I told him that was doubtful, then said, 'I have something for you,' and handed him the coaster:

Do I really need to say ANYTHING? He loved it. He lit up like Ralphie at the end of "A Christmas Story", when he gets his BB gun. I was FLOORED. He kept talking about how "Sweet" it was, and BEAMING, and thanking me like 10,000 times, as though I'd give him a million bucks. He said that what it said about writing was 'so true' and I told him that I agreed, and I wrote as well. He thanked me again, we took this picture:

And yes, girls, he's got his arm around me, and I've got MINE AROUND HIM, hence, the idiotic expression on my face.

Lisa talked to him next and then it was someone else's turn, but I did talk to him again, for another 5-7 min, just chatting like we'd known each other forever.
I cannot say enough how wonderfully gracious, geninue, real and GORGEOUS this man is.
Seeing him has made me love him more than ever.
Thank you, Alton!!!!!!!! Maybe I should have called this, "What Brown did for me. " :)
And thanks again, Sis, for risking life, limb, and SANITY to come to get me, and for taking me! oxoxoxox
There is more to the story, but later, all!

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I just was wondering this. I was at Barnes and Noble (my second home) today, and I was in the Romance Novel section, (yes, I read them, sometimes, stop laughing) and I noticed that every single male on the cover of said romance novels had a shaved chest. No chest hair, whatsoever, and I couldn't help thinking...ICK. Now, I have no problem with shaved chests, if one is a swimmer, or runner, and yes, there is somewhat of an attractiveness there, but, I prefer chest hair.
And, I'm not talking about Robin Williams' like hair sweater. Just some. For example:

Guh. That's all . So, what do my other LJ friends think?
Inquiring minds need to know...:)

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On February 19th, thanks to my friend Lisa's INCREDIBLE AND WONDERFUL NATURE, AND FABULOUS GENEROUSITY, this is where I'll be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yep, she was going with a friend who backed out at the last minute, and she's PAYING FOR ME TO GO WITH HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Read the description people:
A cocktail reception with food
And, the wonderful chance to spend time with Lisa, who in a very short space of months has become like a beloved younger sister to me!
BTW, Lisa is the adminstrator of a wonderful blog about cooking, and Mr. Brown.
You all need to check it out for the information, recipes, cooking experiments and fantastic pictures that Lisa has taken!
I am so GRATEFUL that God has brought you into my life!

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Alton Brown on YouTube... finally

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Just one more reason I love the man as much as I do!

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Iron Man II comes out next summer!!!!!!!!!!!


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I've posted these pics before, but they bear repeating!

The man is just...........sigh. Everything about him, even though his 10th Anniversary Special was hokey as heck. I got the distinct feeling he was rather uncomfortable focusing on himself, he'd rather talk about cooking, and science, but he knew he had to do something for 10 years. He did talk about that on Friday, saying he wasn't sure what he'd do after his contract ran out at the end of next year, so I got the feeling he's at a crossroads, and man, do I know what that's like.
Still, look at him. The spiky hair, the glasses, the half smile--that combined with everything I saw on Friday-I forgot to mention that when the signing started he asked if anyone would mind if the people who had come with small children would be allowed to get their books signed first so that the kids wouldn't be kept out too late..
Simply, the man is beautiful, inside and out. :)


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AB Signs for a fan in a wheelchair--I have to say, my first thought when he bounded up on stage, and yes, he did bound, was "OMG, it's David Hyde Pierce!" Still not sure how I feel about the weight loss...

Completely relaxed and in his element, and the forearms....rawr...

This last picture is my sweetie and I as he signs my books. Mark had asked him about whether he'd ever been offered a teaching job at the CIA and he said, jokingly, "No, but thanks for bringing that up!" Then we told him we were from near the CIA and we just chatted about how pretty it was there, and how we were getting married in the chapel there this coming March, and he said, "That's really nice!" I can't overstate how gracious and warm he was to us and everyone, if you get a chance to see him, don't miss the opportunity!

Ok, one more pic..:)
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